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Melbourne Auto Wreckers

Are you frustrated by the steep depreciation in the value of your vehicle? The re-sale quotes sit well below what you’re asking, given the high price you originally paid. Are you starting to wonder if the resale is worth the hassle? Finding a buyer, removing the car, especially when it’s faulty – it’s a lot of bother, for minimal cash back. Have you consider consigning your vehicle to car wreckers? Melbourne vehicle owners are often astounded at the transformation of their junk metal into cash – but that’s exactly Prowreck’s magic trick!

As the leading Melbourne auto wreckers, your trash is our treasure. We’re the reliable, trustworthy Melbourne auto wreckers, offering you cash – on the spot! – for your unwanted car. So, why haggle and wangle with a used car dealer or someone you met on gumtree? We’re ready now to offer you a hefty cash sum for your vehicle – our competitive prices will shock you.

The process is simple when we’re your wreckers. Melbourne and Dandenong drivers, here is the step-by-step process: you get a quote from us, we approve your vehicle for pick up, tow the vehicle and then hand over your cash – right then and there! We can pick up the same day you contact us. When it comes to car wreckers, Melbourne and Dandenong drivers won’t find a more convenient service. We have a legal obligation to recycle your parts or the metal – so choosing Prowreck encourages auto recycling.

But there are yet more benefits: compared to the cost of a towing company, our Melbourne auto wreckers’ pick-up service is completely free! So, for free car removal in Dandenong that will make you money, contact us today!

4×4 Wreckers Dandenong

No matter the location of your vehicle, no matter the make or model, we want it – including 4×4 vehicles. In fact, we’re the 4×4 wreckers for Dandenong. So, if you’ve taken your 4×4 off-road one-too-many times, we’re the 4×4 wreckers in Dandenong.

Prowreck are also a leading wrecker for car parts. Consumers are often discouraged from buying a certain make or model of vehicle because of apparent difficulty in finding spare parts, should it break down. But they’ve obviously never visited Prowreck. We have a large collection of parts – including hard-to-find parts, such as for a 4×4. Wreckers Dandenong’s 4×4 fanatics will find handily located, we’re here to get your favourite ride back on the road – for cheap!

For a car wreckers Melbourne and Dandenong drivers can trust to offer the best prices for their vehicles, come to Prowreck. Or if you’re looking for an part you just can’t find elsewhere – or only at exorbitant prices – you should visit the pros. We’ll help you find the part you need. You can always claw back the cost of that car with Prowreck.


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